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Meder Beauty Science’s professional treatments offer an ideal alternative for clients with contraindications or an aversion to injective treatments and include a complete wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation programme, Myo Fix (the next generation of the internationally acclaimed VAR-FX treatment); Lipo Oval, a solution for non-invasive facial liposculpture to combat changes in facial contour and effectively reduce saggy chins; Arma Lift, a non-invasive filler targeting lines and folds and delivers fast restoration of elasticity and skin tone; Hydra Fill for quenching thirsty skin; and Eu Seb for acne therapy.

Exclusive six-step dermatological protocol
  1. Each professional treatment follows an exclusive six-step protocol, developed in Switzerland after years of clinical research and extensive testing.
  2. The first three steps involve preparation of the skin to allow the active ingredients in the following stages to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers.
  3. The process begins with a purifying and energising cleansing emulsion, which destroys the dead cells from the upper layer of the skin.
  4. A light enzyme peel continues the skin purification, releasing toxins from the pores and nourishing the skin.
  5. A powerful cocktail of antioxidants is then applied to oxygenate the skin and prepare it for application of the bioactive ingredients, specific to each treatment.